What Does Face Primer Do?

Are you wondering what does face primer do? Then this article is a good source of info, as it discusses its major functions and benefits.

A face primer is one of the most useful beauty products. Provided you choose the right brand and type, which perfectly suits your skin, you can expect it to work wonders in your overall look.

What is a Face Primer?

A face primer serves as a base for facial makeup or foundation. It allows the applied makeup to last longer and appear smoother.

It prepares your skin for your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer and give them something to hold on to; hence, their long-lasting effects.

Its ability to control excess shine makes it useful for women who have oily or combination skin. It can also benefit those with dry or sensitive skin because of its nourishing, hydrating and calming effects.

What Does it Do?

One major function of a face primer is that it seals the pores. Liquid foundation tends to make both small and large pores look more visible. By applying the primer, you can seal the pores, creating a blanket over them.

It softens the skin and enhances the smoothing effects of your makeup. Your makeup will turn out best if you apply the primer before it.

The primer also smoothens out fine lines and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, making you look younger. It makes your makeup last longer, especially if you’re in an area with hot and humid or dry and cold temperatures.

Other functions of a face primer include evening out your skin tone, hiding flaws, relieving inflammation, hiding redness, reducing shine and oil and making your pores look smaller.

Basics of Applying Face Primer

To make your skin look flawless and smooth through a face primer, apply it only after you put on the moisturizer. However, make sure that you also do it prior to putting on your foundation.

You can choose to spread the primer on your entire face or just apply it on areas where makeup does not last that long. Examples are the eyelids, chin and nose. Use a small amount only and apply it gently using your fingertips.

Wait for a few minutes before putting on your foundation. This will give your skin enough time to absorb the primer, resulting to a smoother surface. For more tips in using a facial primer, check out the next sections.

Apply the Less is More Principle

When planning to maximize the effects of a face primer, applying the less is more principle is a must. Avoid coating your face with the product.

Note that if you put too much, it can affect the look of your foundation. One small drop, preferably a size of a small raisin, is already enough.

Just rub it gently into your skin. Use your fingertips when rubbing and check thoroughly to guarantee a more even skin coverage.

Add Some Around your Eyes

Another tip in using the face primer is to pat a small amount gently around your eyes. Apply it on the lids, as well.

Doing so allows it to perform three important functions. One is it prevents your makeup from either creasing or smudging because it absorbs the oil.

Second is that it works in softening crow’s feet. Lastly, it counteracts the redness of your skin, so looking good after applying your entire makeup is possible.

Check Whether you’ll be Using a Water-based or Oil-based Foundation

Use a primer with the same base as the foundation you intend to use. This will prevent the two products from repelling each other.

Observe if your foundation contains silicone. Before buying a primer, a wise tip is to test it first. Ask for a sample then try some. Just put a small amount in your hand.

Once dry, put a small amount of your foundation. If the effect is smooth, then the two can work perfectly together.

Apply Moisturizer

Primer shouldn’t serve as replacement for your moisturizer, so avoid skipping the application of the latter. Moisturizers nourish your skin.

While primers also contain moisturizing properties, note that their main benefit is making the foundation last longer. Allow your skin to absorb the moisturizer and dry completely prior to applying the primer.

Finish it Up with a Powder

Expect better results if you follow the following order when applying makeup – moisturizer, primer, foundation, translucent powder. It is crucial to add a last dusting of your powder to prevent the silicone in facial primers and water in your makeup from repelling with each other.

Hopefully, the information in this article helped you understand what a face primer can do and how to apply it correctly and maximize its benefits. If you enjoyed this tutorial, don’t hesitate to share it. Also, feel free to comment in the comment’s section.

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