Ways to Remove Blackheads

Learning how to get rid of blackheads is crucial to improving the way you look. Note that blackheads can negatively affect your appearance. Fortunately, these are treatable.

In fact, most blackhead treatments are available in your own home. This article will provide information about easy ways to get rid of blackheads, but first, let’s define what this common skin condition is.

Blackheads and their Causes

Blackheads develop when your pores get blocked by dead skin and excess oil. They’re black not because of dirt but because of oxidation, which happens when dead skin and oil get exposed to the air.

Blackheads result from the abnormal secretion of sebum, usually combined with skin cell overgrowth. This eventually leads to blocked pores, triggering the condition.

Other factors also trigger the development of blackheads. These include clothing, cleansers and cosmetic products that cover or block pores, high humidity, heavy sweating and dietary factors that stimulate fast skin cell turnover.

Use Salicylic Acid Gel

Salicylic acid is a useful treatment for blackheads. It is easy to acquire as it is available over the counter. It’s advisable to use the leave-on product, instead of a soap or cleanser.

It’s mainly because prolonged exposure to the active ingredient promotes better results. Using salicylic acid for a few weeks will resolve most of your blackheads, but other products tend to just loosen them up.

Try Products with Benzoyl Peroxide

If your skin is not sensitive and not prone to dryness, then products with benzoyl peroxide can help. It breaks up waxy clogs, loosening them up so they’re easier to remove from the pores.

Benzoyl peroxide has varying strength – usually around 2.5% to 10%. If you have sensitive skin, however, it would be best to go for a product with the lowest strength.

Avoid leaving it on your skin for prolonged periods. While it’s harsher on the skin, it’s still a better option than salicylic acid because it’s more effective.

Steam to Open Up your Pores

You can also use the steaming method to open up your pores. This aids in loosening up pores, making it easier to squeeze or pull out the sticky blackheads.

To steam, hold your face carefully above a bowl containing steaming water. There should be around one foot distance between your face and the bowl. Steam for around 10-15 minutes.

Put a towel above your head to prevent the steam from escaping. Once you notice your pores loosening up, you can start the process of squeezing or pulling out the blackheads.

Use Blackhead Strips

Blackhead strips also work in removing blackheads. One advantage of these strips is that they have lower chances of irritating the skin. While it only provides a temporary fix, it’s a good alternative during emergencies.

If possible, pair up the regular use of the blackhead strip with a good exfoliating and cleaning regimen. You can also maximize its effects if you apply a treatment cream for several nights, as it loosens the pores prior to using the strip.

Wash your Face Two Times Daily

To get rid of blackheads, make sure that your face is always clean and clear. Wash it two times daily – once after waking up in the morning and once before sleeping at night.

Remove all makeup from your face prior to washing. Follow it up with your facial wash routine. Use a gentle facial moisturizer, as well, to prevent your skin from producing too much oils causing blackheads.

Apply an Egg White Mask

This helps in tightening pores and removing clogged dirt, resulting to clear and smooth skin. Use the whites of two eggs then apply a thin layer over the part of your face you want to treat.

Let it dry for around two minutes then apply a second layer. Allow the mask to dry for around ten to fifteen minutes.

You’ll also know that you’re done with the routine if the applied egg whites are already smooth to touch. Another sign is when your skin feels tight. In this case, it’s time to rinse your face with warm water.

Use a Clay Mask

Create a DIY clay mask by mixing one tablespoon of powdered cosmetic clay with the right amount of apple cider vinegar. Form a paste then apply it over your face.

Let it stay in your skin for ten to fifteen minutes. Use warm water for rinsing. This helps dry out oily pores and get rid of unwanted residues.

Exfoliate with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural cleanser, which can clear out dead skin cells. Create a paste by mixing it with water. Scrub it into your face gently.

For severe blackheads, apply a thick coating of the baking soda paste to the area. Let it dry for five to ten minutes then rinse off with warm water.

All the tips mentioned in this article are useful in getting rid of blackheads. Feel free to share this article to your network, so you can spread the useful information. Also, share to us what you think about the article by posting in the comment section.

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