How to Nourish your Skin through Dieting?

While daily diet has a huge impact on your physique, its effects don’t end there. It also plays a major factor on the health of your skin.

Is your diet nourishing your skin? Or does it harm it? Learn about what you should eat and avoid to enjoy the positive and nourishing impact of diet on skin through this article.

How Diet Affects your Skin

What people put in their mouths are just as significant as the beauty and skin care products they use. Note that your body will digest and break down the foods you eat into amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are useful in building healthy skin.

Crash dieting and excessive intake of highly processed foods, therefore, can negatively affect your skin. It won’t be as supple and strong as you want it to be if you constantly eat unhealthy foods.

Not eating enough protein, for instance, can deprive your skin of the essential amino acids necessary in producing collagen. This hormone is crucial in maintaining the suppleness and elasticity of your skin.

Fortunately, by being wary of what you put inside your body, you can enjoy the benefits of dieting, especially on your skin. Just monitor what you eat and know exactly what to avoid to nourish it.

Try the Gluten-free Diet

Gluten-free diet is perfect for anyone with celiac disease – a chronic intolerance to gluten. It involves avoiding barley, rye, and wheat.

An advantage of going gluten-free is that aside from being healthy and safe for celiac disease sufferers, it also benefits the skin. This means you can take it even if you don’t have celiac disease.

With the gluten-free diet, you can alleviate acne because it minimizes inflammation. You’ll notice its positive effects on your skin and energy in as little as two weeks.

Include Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Your options include citrus fruits, broccoli, red peppers, and strawberries. By including these Vitamin C sources in your daily diet, your skin will have a smoother texture.

Vitamin C also promotes the regular production of collagen, which is the skin’s support structure. This creates a strong support layer, smoothening the skin and preventing wrinkles.

Eat two servings of fruit (one cup each) daily. Pair it with one cup of broccoli and red peppers, and you’ll notice your skin glow and becoming healthier.

Increase your Intake of Vitamin E Rich Foods

Among the best sources of Vitamin E are almonds and sunflower seeds. One benefit of Vitamin E to your skin is it protects it from the harsh rays of the sun.

Both almonds and sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E, which protects your skin from UV rays. It also guards the outer membrane of skin cells, making them healthier.

Strengthening these membranes can improve their ability to retain more water. This can result to more hydrated skin.

Fill your Daily Diet Plan with Leafy Green and Red Veggies

Another diet plan, which can positively affect the skin, is that which includes more leafy green and red veggies. These foods can translate to fresher and more moisturized complexion.

Some of the best leafy green and red veggies are spinach, sweet potatoes and squash. These are rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant, which your body can convert into Vitamin A.

Once converted into Vitamin A, it can regulate the production and turnover of skin cells. The result is a smoother complexion and reduced sensitivity to the sun.

Hydrate through Water

Your diet shouldn’t only include solid foods. You also need to include the healthiest and most hydrating beverages.

Drink enough water every day as this will prevent your skin from looking and feeling parched. Take around six to eight glasses of water daily.

By hydrating yourself with water, you can prevent skin dryness and dehydration, making your skin look healthier and more moisturized.

Let Go of Foods that Damage the Skin

Let go of sugary foods if you want to maintain a healthy skin. Replace them with nutrient-dense and Omega 3-rich foods, instead. Your options include fruits and veggies.

Stay away from chips and other processed foods, as well. Rich in refined carbs, these can cause inflammation and damage collagen. Excessive intake of processed foods also leads to wrinkles, fine lines and a more aged look.

Other foods that can harm your skin are dairy products, shellfish, fast food, sodas and juices, and margarine. Do your skin a favor by staying away from them.

With the provided tips, you’ll enjoy healthier, younger and more glowing skin in no time. Feel free to share this article, or let us know your thoughts in the comment’s section.

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