How To Use A Curling Wand For Beginners

How to curl hair with a wand? How do you use a curling wand without burning your face, hair, or hands? How do you create different styles using a curling wand?

I’m here to answer all of those questions and more! I personally understand the struggle of starting to use this curling instrument. However, don’t worry because at the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to use your wand more effectively to achieve your desired style!

Hair Care

While hair curling is a really stylish way to brings out the sexiness and classiness in you, avoid doing it every day. Too much and constant heating can damage your hair and take away its natural glow.

If you really can’t do without the curls, you can try natural curling using rollers during your hair’s rest day. However, trying out other styles without the heat such as braids and buns can also give you a refreshing look.

Keep It Dry

First of all, you hair should be dry. Never use a heated hair styling instrument with wet hair unless you are using a hair dryer.


Start by preheating the curling wand. Select your desired heat. It is advisable to go for medium heat as this does not slow down your styling nor does it fry your hair — it’s just the right temperature.

Sectioning Your Hair

In sectioning your hair, follow the same procedure as with other hair styling products. You can start with your middle right side by getting a portion of your hair, not bigger than one inch.

Using the Wand

Hold the barrel pointed downwards and hold your sectioned hair at the tips. Slowly wrap your hair around the barrel, hold it for 10 seconds, and then slowly pull the barrel from the hair. Repeat with the rest of the hair sections.

Be Careful!

Never use the curling wand near your face, or any heated hair styling instrument for that matter. Keep it behind your head and avoid getting it near your scalp.

Wands are way hotter than curling irons, so it’s really important to take caution. Protect your hands by using gloves and keep the one hand on the base and the other at the tip of the hair. Never touch the barrel.

Styling Tricks

When cooling the curls, hold the sectioned hair in twists or spirals to keep the curls tighter. You may use bobbie pins to hold all the sections together simultaneously. You may also use hairspray to make it last longer.

Create curls with different shapes, thickness, and sizes using the pointy and the fat end of the barrel. The pointy one gives you smaller curls while the fat end gives you bigger and fuller curls.


I hope you enjoyed this guide. It’s really important that you get pro tips on how to curl with a wand before using it so you can enjoy better results and achieve the style you’re aiming for. If you have questions or concerns that I can help you with, just leave a comment below.

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