Best Natural Face Moisturizer

Are you looking for the best natural face moisturizer that is cruelty-free? A number of such products are available and are not tested on animals. Such moisturizers normally contain natural ingredients like honey aloe to make your skin smooth.

The right face moisturizer should also be environment-friendly. Some artificial ingredients found in cheaper moisturizers can be carcinogenic. Choose products with organic ingredients. Your face would look good while saving the earth and a lot of animals in the process.

Natural Face Moisturizer Reviews

Amara Organics Vitamin C Face Cream

This face moisturizer from Amara Organics contains natural plant-based ingredients in a high quality formula. It has no alcohol or parabens included. The moisturizing oils are gentle yet effective in moisturizing the skin.

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Vitamin C Natural Face Moisturizer

From Foxbrim is a natural face moisturizer that contains antioxidants from green tea and vitamin C. It comes in a lightweight formulation that works great with all skin types.

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Retinol Face Moisturizer Cream

From Radha Beauty comes a moisturizing face cream with 71% organic ingredients. It moisturizes and hydrates skinwith all-natural ingredients. It contain no parabens, dyes, fragrances or fillers.

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Bee Friendly Natural Face and Eye Moisturizer

Bee Friendly Skincare offers a 4-in-one eye and face moisturizer that rejuvenates deep into the skin. Ingredients are natural and are certified organic, handmade by Hawaii’s holistic beekeepers.

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Foxbrim Ocean Mineral Moisturizer

This natural moisturizer from Foxbrimhas a seaweed complex that uses more than 90 microminerals, polysaccharides and phytochemicals.The formulation is light, fresh and balanced for better skin nourishment.

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Natural Face Moisturizer Cream

This is a complete skin care regimen from Era Organics. It contains numerous superfoods that feed the skin. It deeply hydrates the skin, repairing and protecting it.

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Organic Natural Facial Moisturizer

This facial moisturizer from Christina Moss Naturals contains ingredients that are certified organic. It has no harmful petrochemicals. This is ideal for sensitive skin because of its non-comedogenic formula.

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Unrefined Raw Shea Butter

This rawshea butter from Perfect Body Harmonyis certified organic and unrefined. It has no contaminants such as pesticides. It has a non-comedogenic formula.

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Retinol Cream Moisturizer

Body Merry offers a retinol moisturizer cream that contains only organic, natural ingredients such as organic jojoba oil and wild-crafted green tea. It nourishes skin and fights signs of aging.

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Art Naturals® Moisturizer Creams

This cream moisturizer from Art Naturals fights aging and reduces the appearance of fine lines. The ingredients used are 100% natural. The formula contains 2.5% retinol with hyaluronic acid.

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Types of Natural Face Moisturizer

If you want to maintain a healthy and young-looking skin, you have to moisturize regularly. But, moisturizers can be expensive. Also, chemical-loaded moisturizers can damage your skin’s natural hydration.

There are many types of safe and affordable natural moisturizer that you can use. Here are the top types of raw natural moisturizers. You can find some of them in your kitchen.

Honey: Honey is not just a delicious and sweet food product. It is also an excellent skin moisturizer. It slows down aging and it helps prevent the development of acne.

Cocoa Butter: This is a healthy fat that’s made from cocoa beans. It prevents peeling and skin dryness. It fights the signs of aging and it also heals chapped lips.

Olive Oil: This famous cooking ingredient has been used as a moisturizer for centuries. It is rich in antioxidants and it protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Shea Butter: This natural face moisturizer is rich in vitamins A and F which help treat different skin conditions like dry skin, skin rash, sunburn, insect bites, and eczema.

How To Select Natural Face Moisturizer?

Aside from shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter, and honey, there are a lot of other amazing and affordable natural face moisturizer that you can use.

You can use over-the-counter face moisturizers that contain natural ingredients such as avocado oil, cucumber, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, frankincense oil, aloe vera, honey, berries, lemon, and almonds. To choose the right moisturizer, follow these guidelines:

Consider your skin type in choosing the right moisturizer. Do you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or combination skin? Knowing your skin type would help you choose the right natural or organic moisturizer.

Go for non-comedogenic moisturizers. These moisturizers do not clog the pores and they are essentially oil-free. They are ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Go for hypoallergenic moisturizers. These moisturizers cause less allergic reactions in consumers. Most natural moisturizers are hypoallergenic, but it’s best to check the label just to be sure.

Do you have eczema or acne? Consider your personal needs in choosing the right moisturizer. Also, it’s best to choose a natural or organic moisturizer that contains sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Face Moisturizer

Why should I use a natural face moisturizer? Natural face moisturizers are safe to use. They have all the benefits of a regular moisturizer and they do not harm your skin.

I’m 50 years old, what ingredients should I look for in a natural face moisturizer? It’s best to use a natural face moisturizer that has vitamin K. This moisturizer contains ingredients that help reduce dark circles.

Is it safe to use hemp seed oil as a natural face moisturizer? Yes. In fact, hemp seed oil is one of the most effective and safe moisturizers.

When will I see results? Usually, you’ll see results after three to four weeks of regular use. You have to make skin care a part of your daily routine.

Can I use natural moisturizers when I am pregnant or nursing? Yes, you can. But, everyone has different needs so you might want to check with your doctor before you use the moisturizer. 

How To Use The Natural Face Moisturizer?

It is easy to apply a face moisturizer. But, to reap its maximum benefits, you have to apply it to your face regularly by following these steps:

Wash your face with lukewarm water and gentle soap in the morning. Make sure that you wash your face thoroughly. You can also use a facial cleanser if you like.

Tap a towel on your face to dry your skin. Then, gently apply the natural face moisturizer in a circular motion. Apply the moisturizer on your face and neck.

Then, allow the natural face moisturizer to dry up for about one to two minutes before you apply a sunscreen or a makeup foundation.

At night, make sure to remove your makeup by using a potent makeup remover. Then, wash your face with a facial cleanser and lukewarm water.

Use a towel to gently dry your face and then apply the natural face moisturizer all over your face and neck. Apply the moisturizer using your hands and in a circular motion.

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