Best Gel Eyeliner

Do you want your eyebrows to be ″on fleek″ all the time? Let gel eyeliners do the trick! Enhance your eyebrows and create any shape to highlight your face. You can even try out doing celebrity eyebrows! Gel eyeliners combine the prevision of a liquid eyeliner with the ease of a gel-based formula.

These eyeliners come in a wide range of vibrant colors and shades. Never mind the brand, as all of them are easy to apply. Once they dry however, they are waterproof and smudge-proof – making them perfect for looks that last.

MAC Gel Eye Liner

This precision gel eyeliner can make your eyes look more defined and striking. It instantly brightens up your eyes with just one application.

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Softer, silkier finish – In comparison to pencil and liquid eyeliners, this gel leaves a silkier and a softer finish, making the eyes look more defined.

Smooth application – The gel glides over the eyes smoothly, leaving a straight, continuous and even line. This makes it ideal if you want to produce defined cat’s-eye or winged-eye effect.

Foolproof application – The gel has foolproof application, with easy dip and glide action, moving smoothly and continuously over the eyelids

Long-wearing – Once the gel dries, it will remain all day long. It does not come off or smudge easily even if you sweat.

Quick drying – The gel dries quickly, reducing the risk of smudging. The problem is that you will need to redo the entire process when trying to fix or change the applied lines.

Precision application – You need to apply it using an eyeliner brush for easy application, which is a separate purchase. You also need to look for a brush with thin, angled bristles for more controlled application

The product is perfect for beginners who are looking for an eyeliner, which they can easily apply on their eyelids. It stays on all-day long, without smudges even during hot weather.

  • Softer and silkier finish
  • Applies smoothly over the eyelids
  • Foolproof, easy application
  • Long-wearing
  • Dries quickly, need to work quickly when applying
  • Precision application, which requires you to buy a separate angled brush

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Inglot Black Matte Eyeliner Gel

This eyeliner gel is one of the best products to use if you want to brighten or open up your eyes. It instantly gives your eyes instant definition, making them look livelier.

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Matte finish – The gel offers a matte effect, providing good eye definition without making your eyes look intensely dark.

Paraben-free – This gel eyeliner does not contain paraben, a good thing for those with hypersensitive skin and eyes. It is good to apply along the water line

Rich, intense colors – The color is intense and one application is already enough to make the eyes look more alive.

Ideal coverage – The creamy texture makes for easy application. It glides smoothly without smudging or creasing. You may also use it as an eyeshadow.

Quick-drying – Dries up in about 60 seconds after application so any smudging effect or corrections will have to be made very quickly.

Long lasting formula – The eyeliner gel dries quickly and stays on the eyelids without creasing or smudging. You need to purchase a separate eye makeup remover, so you will have something to use to remove it at the end of the day.

This product is great for those who have sensitive skin. People with sensitive eyes can also safely use this because it uses a paraben-free formulation.

  • Matte finish
  • Does not contain paraben
  • Rich, high-intensity color
  • Ideal coverage, allowing you to use it as an eyeshadow, as well
  • Long-lasting formula, so there is a need to buy an eye makeup remover, so you can use it to remove the eyeliner at the end of the day
  • Dries too quickly, requiring you to do the entire eyeliner application process again in case you need to fix errors.

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Matte Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi brown has come up with a long-wearing, award-winning formula for their gel eyeliner. It leaves a crisp line, which looks like it comes from a liquid eyeliner, but with the feel and ease of a gel liner.

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Smooth and precise application – The creamy gel texture makes it easy to apply, sliding smoothly over the eyes evenly and in precise lines.

Matte finish – Matte effect gives the eyes great definition without being too overpowering and gives a professional, powder finish.

Long-wearing formula – Touch-ups with eyeliners can be too time-consuming but not with the award-winning long wearing formula of Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner.

Intense and rich colors – One application is enough to create excellent eye definition, especially when using deep colors like the Black Ink.

Dries quickly – In about 10 seconds or so after application, the gel dries up. This is the main reason why you need to fix errors quickly.

Water-resistant – The finish is resistant to water so it stays on even after going for a swim. This is a bit of a hassle sometimes since you will need a special make up remover to remove it.

This gel eyeliner lasts all day long once applied. No smudges, no creases. This is good for those who do not have the time to retouch or even check if their eyeliners still look good.

  • Smooth and precise
  • Matte effect
  • Long wearing
  • Intense colors
  • Quick-drying, fixing errors or making adjustments in applied lines will require complete do-over
  • Water-resistant, require separate purchase of eye makeup remover

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NYX Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner

This gel eyeliner from NYX Cosmetics comes with its own smudger. It has a blendable formula, allowing it to produce a more dramatic effect.

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Ultra-smooth formula – This gel formula makes it easy to blend (using the smudger that comes with the product) and apply with more precision.

Rich pigments – This eyeliner comes in rich and dark colors, giving the eyes greater definition and more drama, especially when blended and intentionally smudged

Instantly defines eyes – One application will instantly make the eyes look brighter and bigger. It works perfectly for quick touchups and for hiding tired, sleepy eyes.

Easy smudging – This gel eyeliner allows for intentional smudging to achieve a dramatic, sexy look.

Heavy colors – Because of the “smudge-able” formula, this eyeliner comes in heavy colors, so blending is often a requirement to tone down the boldness.

Requires application skills – Because of the easy smudging characteristic, this gel will require some skills in applying to avoid a messy, not so sexy look.

This gel eyeliner is a good choice for anyone who wishes to own dramatic eye makeup and use it to produce a bold cat eye look or a sultry and smoky eye effect.

  • Ultra-smooth formula for easy application
  • Rich pigments for dramatic eye look
  • Instantly brightens eyes
  • Easy smudging for smoky eye drama
  • Heavy colors, need blending skills for toned-down look
  • Needs good eyeliner application skills

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Tattoo Effect Best Waterproof Liquid Gel Eyeliner Pen

This makeup essential comes in a long-lasting formula, which does not smudge or run. It makes it easier to use a pen with the creamy smooth application of a gel eyeliner.

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Easy application – The pen makes it easy to apply the gel eyeliner because of greater hand control and more comfortable grip

Easy glide – Gel has a creamy texture that easily glides along the eyelids, leaving smooth and even lines with each use.

Precision application – In addition to better control of the pen, the high precision tip creates precise lines to create perfect cat eye effect.

No sharpener needed – Users will find it convenient to use the pen because there is no need to sharpen it again. The tip remains at precision-point.

All-day, all-night wear – No retouch needed, even if it was applied early in the day. This will need a separate eye makeup remover or natural oil blend, so you can remove it at the end of the day

Smudge-free – The gel dries quickly, does not flake, fade or smear. This will make getting a sexy smudge effect a bit of a challenge

This is a great product for those struggling with precise application of liquid or gel eyeliners. The pen allows for more comfortable and easy-to-control hold for precise liner application.

  • Easy application
  • Easy glide
  • Precise application
  • No more sharpening
  • Separate eye remover or oil blend needed for removal
  • Smudge-free, difficult to get dramatic smudged eye effect

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