Best Eyelash Growth Serum

Longer eyelashes add an extra charm to beautiful eyes. But for some women, longer lashes are something they wish they had. Worry no more, because eyelash growth serums are the key to making this wish come true.

Eyelash growth serums boast of unique formulations that promote hair growth with just a few applications. The combination of nutrients stimulates, moisturizes, and strengthens hair follicles—increasing overall eyelash length as an added benefit. Your lashes will be the talk of the town!

Art Naturals Eyelash Growth Serum

Art Naturals Eyelash Growth Serum is worth trying if you want longer lashes sans the harsh chemicals that cosmetics usually contain.

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You will have fuller, thicker, and stronger eyelashes in the gentlest formula. Since the ingredients are all natural, you are safe from adverse reactions to cosmetics.

Your lashes will grow naturally because of the Myristoyl Pentapeptide 17 and Swiss Apple stem cells infused in the serum. The former stimulates keratin for healthier lashes.The latter helps lashes grow longer.

The serum has a clear formula that is devoid of fragrance or dyes. If you are allergic to such artificial ingredients, then Art Naturals Eyelash Growth Serum could work for you.

The serum is paraben-free. Paraben is one of the leading causes of cancer and skin irritations. This is good for sensitive skin.

One of its limitations is that it might make your eyes itchy. If you feel uncomfortable with really long lashes, then you might have to skip the serum.

Another con is the immediacy of the effect. It could take long for some people (like more than a week to see the effects), or it could take only days.

This product is best recommended for people with short and thin eyelashes, and those who are not too keen on using lash extensions.

  • Makes lashes fuller, thicker, and stronger.
  • Grows lashes naturally.
  • Comes in a clear, fragrance-free formula.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Could make your eyes itchy.
  • Effect may not be instant.

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Majestic Pure Eyelash Growth Serum

Majestic Pure Wonderlash Growth Serum comes with a standard applicator that makes it convenient to use. When used properly, this applicator will last for almost three months. The serum itself conditions and makes your lashes longer and more beautiful.

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This serum improves your brows and lashes because of myristoyl pentapeptide 17, which stimulates the growth of lashes. It also enhances your lashes, making them natural-looking.

Majestic Pure also contains Malus Domestica Swiss Apple Stem Cell Culture extract to give you longer and thicker lashes.

Not only does the serum thicken your lashes, but it also lengthens and darkens them, so there wouldn’t be any need for mascara or eyebrow pencil.

The serum is easy to apply on the lashes. Simply swipe the applicator and leave the serum on. The serum will last there for hours.

You are advised not to use the serum on a daily basis, as it might be a cause of irritation.

Be careful not to get the product close to your eyes, as it may cause a burning sensation. The irritation may recede quickly, however.

The serum is perfect for working women who would love to have thick, long, and dark lashes. There is a hint of tint in the serum to make your lashes look natural.

  • Stimulates growth of lashes.
  • Stem cell extract makes lashes longer and thicker.
  • Darkens brow and lashes.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Not recommended for daily use.
  • May cause burning sensation when product gets close to the eyes.

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New York Biology Ultralash Enhancing Growth Serum

This grows your lashes and gives them volume. If this serum is applied daily, your lashes will become fuller and thicker.

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Ultralash contains natural ingredients. The first is Swiss Apple Stem Cells that give your lashes the right amount of thickness, without making them look fake. They also renew hair growth right at the follicle.

It also has Botanical Complex Tricholastyl that ensures your lashes are free from irritation and hair loss. This ingredient maintains the health of your brows and eyelashes.

Another effective ingredient is Myristoyl Pentapeptide 17, which has been scientifically proven to grow the lashes and pump up their volume.

The product comes with a brush applicator that allows the serum to glide smoothly on the lashes and the brow. There are no lumps on your lashes.

Though Ultralash is effective, it might cause eye irritation if you aren’t careful with your application. It could also make your eyes itchy.

Another drawback is the consistency of the serum, which you might find too diluted, with a close-to-water consistency. This, however, does not affect the look of your lashes.

The product is best for people who do not have any allergic reactions to serums and other cosmetics. It’s also good for women who do not mind taking time while applying the product.

  • Gives lashes the right amount of thickness.
  • Maintains the health of your brow and lashes.
  • Increases volume on your lashes.
  • Does not leave lumps.
  • Might cause eye irritation.
  • Has close-to-water consistency.

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Body MerryLash & Brow Elixir

With Body Merry Lash and Brow, you will have fuller, thicker, and longer lashes. This is perfect especially when you see that your brows and lashes have become lifeless and dull.

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The growth serum is known for its organic and all-natural ingredients that do not irritate your eye area. It comes with an applicator brush for easier handling and maintenance.

Body Merry also contains Biotin,a natural yet potent ingredient that enhances the length of your brows and lashes.

The product gives you full and long lashes for days, so there is no need for reapplication. The peptides and organic extracts work together to maintain the fullness of your lashes and brows.

If you want darker lashes and brows, then you might like this product. It gives off natural tints to accentuate your skin tone and your face.

The drawback is its timing to work on you. You have a different skin from me, and how the product responds to others may be different at how they react to the efficacy of the product.

The lash elixir contains cucumber extract, which smells great, but could cause allergies to some people. The serum isn’t exactly fragrance-free.

Women who like dark lashes and brows may want to try this product on. It is also good for people with sensitive skin, as the ingredients used are organic.

  • Contains organic and natural ingredients.
  • Biotin enhances the length of your brows.
  • Gives you full lashes.
  • Comes in tinted shades to darken lashes and brows.
  • Skin types affect product efficacy.
  • Contains cucumber extract that could cause allergy.

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Organyc Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

Organyc Eyelash and Brow growth serum is the result of science and nature’s combination to provide youwith longer and thicker eyelashes and brows. The formulation of this product protects your lashes from falling or breaking.

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The serum can revitalize dull and thinning eyelashes because of its ingredients and formulations. Organyc claims to work within 2 months of regular use.

This product contains a blend of botanicals to penetrate hair follicles and boost the production of keratin in your hair roots.

With continued use, your lashes will become fuller, thicker, and longer. The growth serum has the combination of natural ingredients.

The best feature of Organyc is that it is paraben, color, and fragrance free. Even teenagers will love this because it does not contain a strong odor, which might be the cause of allergic reactions.

The effect may not be instant, so you have to use the serum and apply it on your brows regularly for best results.

The product does not deliver extremely long lashes, but just the right length for your lashes that would still pass off as natural.

This product is good for anyone who dislikes eyelash extensions and would opt for a more natural way of growing eyelashes.

  • Revitalizes dull and thinning lashes.
  • Botanical extracts penetrate follicles.
  • Gives you fuller and longer lashes.
  • Free of paraben, color, and fragrance.
  • Might not take effect instantly.
  • Makes lashes long, but only up to a certain length.

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