Best Curling Irons for Short Hair

Rockin’ a new bob? Add extra sexiness to your short ‘do by curling them! We have best curling irons for short hair, just for you!

It may be challenging to create, but with the best tool, you can get the most glamorous, amazingly beautiful style just the way you want it.

Curling Irons for Short Hair Reviews

Revlon 1” Curl Collection Titanium Curl Magic Curling Wand

The Clipless 1” Titanium Curl Magic Curling Wand by Revlon provides constant high heat producing curls that last all day. You can use it for any hair type or length.

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HOT TOOLS Nanoceramic Tapered Curling Iron

The Nanoceramic Tapered Curling Iron from HOT TOOLS heats up to 450° Fahrenheit, thereby creating bouncy curls. It also has a powerful spring clamp, making it perfect for short hair.

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Beachwaver Co. Beachwaver S1

The Beachwaver S1 from Beachwaver Co. has a rotating ceramic barrel, which easily creates red-carpet look in minutes. It is great for all hair types and lengths.

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BIO IONIC Goldpro Curling Iron

The Goldpro Curling Iron by BIO IONIC has ceramic mineral barrel infused with 24K gold that ensures constant and even heat distribution. This ensures bouncy curls that last all day. Ideal for short hair with its strong clamp.

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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

The Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron from BaBylissPRO has far-infrared technology, which distributes heat without drying and burning hair. Great for all hair types, ideal for short hair.

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HOT TOOLS ¾” Salon Brush Iron

Hot Tools’ ¾” Salon Brush Iron has automatic heat control, which creates natural looking curls. Perfect for everyday use with all hair types from fine to coarse hair. Ideal for short hair with its ¾” barrel size.

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Nume Titan 3

Nume’s Titan 3 is made of 100% titanium that generates and distributes constant high heat up to 450° Fahrenheit. Works with fine to coarse hair, and is best used on short hair.

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Bed Head Deep Waver

The Deep Waver from Bed Head has a ceramic tourmaline-infused barrel, which generates heat that penetrates deep down the hair, creating frizz-free bouncy waves. Perfect for all hair types and lengths.

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HOT TOOLS ¾” Salon Curling Iron

The ¾” Salon Curling Iron from HOT TOOLS has 24K gold-plated barrel that heats up to 428° Fahrenheit to create curls that last all day. Ideal for all hair types and textures.

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CONAIR Instant Heat Curling Iron

CONAIR’s Instant Heat Curling Iron sticks to its claims. Its barrel made from a combination of chromium, nickel, copper, and steel heats instantly in just 30 seconds.

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How to Select a Curling Iron for Short Hair? 

Short and textured hair was the trend Hollywood celebrities were donning during the past year. Be it a shoulder length bob, bob with bangs, layered curls or just the natural waves, almost everyone walks down the red carpet with a shorter new look.

How do women keep their short do in place? With the right curling iron of course! Choosing the wrong one can lead to a bad hair day so best to know what exactly to look for. Here are some factors to consider in choosing the best curling iron for short hair. 

Barrel size: A curling iron’s barrel size or diameter will help create the look you want to achieve. The thinner the barrel size, the smaller the curls the wand creates. For women with short hair, the ideal barrel size for getting that curly look is 3/4 inch while those wanting loose curls go for 1 inch.

Barrel shape: A curling iron’s barrel shape also helps attain a certain kind of curl. Those who want wider waves near the scalp but get tight at the end need to go for the conical shape while reverse cone shape produces the opposite. The best way to quickly achieve spiral curls is to use a cylindrical shaped iron. 

Material: A curling iron’s material was meant to cater to different hairstyles. Titanium curling irons are for women with coarse or unmanageable hair. Ceramic and tourmaline curling irons are the most popular and safest for the hair. The ceramic iron releases heat more evenly through the hair while a tourmaline iron controls frizz by locking in moisture. 

Adjustable heat setting: A curling iron’s heat setting keeps curls in place. For color treated hair, stay below the 200 degrees mark. For curly or thick hair, the heat temperature should just be around 200-300 but never above 400 to avoid the risk of burning the scalp. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Curling Irons for Short Hair 

Can I use a curling iron on wet hair? Best not to. Avoid using curling irons on wet hair as this may damage the strands and will most likely not produce any kind of curl during the process. Dry the hair first before styling. 

Can I use a curling iron with hair styling products? Yes, you can. There are styling products made specifically for hot tools like curling irons. Just remember to carefully read the label. Don’t forget to clean the curling iron regularly as well.

How long do I have to wait for the curing iron to heat? It depends on your preferred temperature. Usually, curling irons take about five to ten minutes to heat up. Some can quickly heat up in a minute but better to leave it for a few more minutes. 

Is it normal to see smoke coming from the hair when using a curling iron? Yes, this is completely normal. The smoke is the effect of the evaporation caused by chemical build-up in the hair, which is then released during the curling process. 

How is a curling iron different from a flat iron? Flat irons are generally used to keep hair straight not curly. It has two hot plates that when pressed together, gives the appearance of flat hair. Curling iron produces smooth hair with volume and waves due to its shape. 

I have hair extensions on. Can I still use my curling iron? Yes but it depends on the type of hair extension you have. Proper care should be done when curling hair extensions as these are not meant to withstand heat unlike natural human hair. There are synthetic extensions that can be styled with hot tools like curling irons. 

How to Use a Curling Iron for Short Hair correctly? 

First, make sure that the hair is clean and dry. While drying, apply a heat-protectant product to damp hair that will protect the strands. Once hair is dry, use a comb with a round brush for volume.

Part hair into sections with a top and bottom layer using large hair clips. Pin the top section of the hair first and focus on the bottom layer. Spray each section of the bottom layer with a setting product. Take only a small section and wrap the hair around the curling iron’s barrel.

Hold the iron away from the face to create more natural waves and avoid getting burnt. Remember that curls must be rolled away from the face with the iron to the back of the head.

For women with short hair, it is better to leave the ends of the curls straight versus completely curling it. Leave at least 1/2 inch of the hair uncurled. This will create the illusion of length and will prevent the curls from sticking out.

Keep the hair wrapped around the barrel for 5 to 10 seconds before releasing the wand. Loose waves need only 5 seconds while tighter curls usually need 10 seconds.

Once the bottom layer is finished, continue the same process for the top layer. For shorter dos, avoid separating the hair into sections. Carefully remove the top layer hair from the pins one section at a time. When the entire head is curled, gently loosen the curls with the fingers and coat with hairspray. 

How to Maintain your Curling Iron? 

Similar to any kind of hair tool, a properly maintained curling iron produces the best curls. This eliminates putting hair at risk for heat damage caused by chemical build-up from hair products and oil and even split ends. 

Clean the curling iron using a wet cloth with rubbing alcohol at least once month. Avoid submerging or running the iron in water as this will damage it. If a curling iron is not cleaned often, the barrel may cause dryness or discoloration.

While cleaning the curling iron, make sure to remove the chemicals left in the barrel properly. For products like hairspray, it advisable to clean the barrel using a combination of baking soda and water.

To get rid of rust in the curling iron, use a combination of baking soda and water. Another way to clean the curling iron of rust is to wipe the barrel with a nail polish remover. Acetone will remove the rust residue in less than 10 minutes.

After using the curling iron, avoid wrapping the cord around the barrel. Let the iron cool first before storing it. Keep it it away from the iron by folding it gently and using a rubberized hair tie to keep it in place.

There are also proper storage kits for those who want to bring their curling irons with them to work or an event. Do not simply put them inside your bag. Choose a heat-resistant bag that fits the shape and size of the curling iron.

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